Studio Series – 2016/2017 DVD Release

This workout series was created for our “long” distance workout partners who can’t make it to our studio each week but would love more frequent workouts on DVD! By filming workouts right here in our Charleston studio we believe we can produce DVDs frequently which means new workouts for you more often!

Metabolic Strength

Coming on Strong

Lose body fat, gain bone strength & get stronger with this no-nonsense total body weight workout. Tracie Long delivers a high intensity sweat-fest that leaves everything on the mat! Your youth is in your muscles and this workout is the fountain!

Workout length: 30 minutes

Equipment: step or bench, medium & heavy pairs of dumbbells, mat, loop band (optional).

Get Up & Go

The real key to getting physical changes when it comes to cardio is the intensity. Do away with old beliefs that longer duration cardio is better! This dynamic workout starts at the warmup and is chock full of dynamic movements designed to bring on the heat and get some fire in your belly. Extra inner drive.

Workout length: 30 minute workout

Equipment: step or bench, medium & heavy pairs of dumbbells, mat, loop band (optional).

Core Movements

Loosen Up

Bring back the feeling of ease in your everyday activities with this effective and purposeful mobility routine.

Tracie keeps things interesting with a variety of stretching techniques to help you develop more fluid, efficient movement patterns to help offset the effects of daily sitting. Move better so you can move more often, it’s one of the best things you can do for your body!

Workout length: 30 minutes

Equipment: yoga block or small pillow, stretch strap or loop bands, foam roller

Brace Yourself

Whether you are hitting a tennis ball, cleaning your house or simply getting off the couch every movement involves your core! Join Tracie Long as she helps you build stability, balance and posture with unique exercises that leave no stone unturned!

Not only will you experience the functional benefits of this type of training… you might just see some changes to your mid-section like never before!

Workout length: 30 minutes

Equipment: sliders (paper plate or small towel), loop bands