Try Our 30-day Personal Training Experience

Many people who come through our doors have already made up their mind to join the club through referral or by our reputation in the community, but for those who haven’t yet decided, trying before you commit is the best way to get started. Thank you for your interest in what we do & how we are different. We want to be more than just a place where you have a membership!

What’s Included?

  • Initial Consultation & Individualized Program Design ($99 value)
  • Coaching Session to Demonstrate your Program($50 Value)
  • Full Access to Open Gym & Unlimited Classes! ($139 Value)
  • 4 SGT Sessions ($100 Value)
  • Upgrade to 8 SGT Sessions for +$60 ($200 Value)

You receive all of the above for 30 days for just 1 payment of $69.
There is no contract and no obligation.


We have been in the fitness business for over 20 years so we understand how difficult it is to commit to workout out an how much harder it is to pick the right place. “Will I like the gym? Will I like the other members? Will I be able to get any help?” These are all fair questions that can only be answered by trying our studio before you become a full fledged member.

We are the only personalized training studio in the area that will let you try before you buy with no risk and no obligation. For $69 you receive an individualized program design based on our initial consultation with you, a coaching session to help you get started with the program, the ability to use your workout program anytime during operating hours, unlimited classes and 4 small group training sessions. *additional small group sessions can be purchased for 30 day trial.

  • Step 1 - Start Today!

    It’s easy – just complete the signup form and our studio director will be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your first appointment!

  • STEP 2 - Call us at 843-532-1433

    If you have any questions OR would like to schedule your first appointment via phone call or text 843-532-1433

  • STEP 3: Complete New Client Worksheet

    Complete the Client Information Questionnaire – click here.

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